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The teaser - can anyone identify this mainspring?  An upcoming rifle action project...






Now available - Wesson long range tang sights - see them HERE



On-line ordering of scope blocks may be problematic due to the vast range available.  Consequently, I am going to stay with email or phone ordering.



Cross-dovetail, Mann-Neidner, Vaver... and now 6-48 taps - take a look!



A few little notes on business practices...


          - If leaving a phone message, please state your name and number first.  The answering machine has a one-minute recording limit.

          - I usually do not directly answer calls which display as "unavailable", "unknown", or "private".

          - My business hours can be very erratic.  Also, due to noisy equipment operating, I may not be able to answer the phone at all times.

          - I usually return calls in the evenings (EST) or on weekends.

          - I try to keep most items in stock.  Occasionally I will be out of something - please be patient while I re-stock that product.

          - Special-order items (made to customer's specifications) are not returnable.  Stock items are returnable if undamaged.

          - Although I ship with tracking, this only tells if the package has been delivered, not to whom.  Additional tracking services are available for added cost.

          - Please state in detail what you are paying for when sending payment, either electronically or by mail.





Scope Blocks

Browse our extensive selection of scope blocks. Over 1500 blocks in stock!

Other Scope and Sight  Mounts Offset scope mounts, rails for your European target rifle, miscellaneous doodads and parts, etc.
British Fraser  


Replicas of the British Fraser rifle actions.
Wesson Long Range Replicas of the Frank Wesson #1 Long-Range rifle actions.
Wesson Mid Range Replicas of the Frank Wesson "Midrange & Sporting" actions.

Custom Parts

We have the ability to make all sorts of custom-machined parts.
Shop Pictures Take a quick look at the shop.