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A thought for the moment...

As regards the abortion debate - I have my own opinions. They are opinions only,

and they are no more or less valid, right, or wrong than any other opinions.

The Supreme Court has recently made decisions about how the laws are to be applied and interpreted.

You are free to agree or disagree with those decisions and those laws.

You are also free to protest against and/or transgress those laws.

Whether you agree with the laws or not, if you choose not to abide by them, there can be consequences.

It is less a debate over right vs. wrong, than it is about agreeing or disagreeing.

You may disagree with someone, but be careful that by disagreeing, you are not becoming intolerant!


Effective February 2019, for all retail sales, please contact Jenny... or phone 774-442-0809


I will continue to handle technical, application, or wholesale-related questions at


New Products

3/4" scope rings in both black and "silver" (see at "scope accessories" page) -

"Clickless" version has been prototyped and will be available soon! (March 2022)

Winchester/Wollensak 8X scope mount adapter sets (see at "other scope and sight mounts" page)

Some notes on business practices...


- Please do read through the information on this website about products and services.  That will answer many questions and avoid many potential problems.

- Email contact only please. For those who do know my shop phone number (from days of old...), keep in mind that it is very seldom answered, and even voicemails may not be checked.

- (November 2020) regarding any desired "specials" - a return to handling special work is not anticipated.  The ongoing workload is too large.  Sorry!

- I do not perform gunsmithing-type work or have open-to-the-public hours.

- Contact Jenny for retail sales. or 774-442-0809.

- I do not necessarily get to answer emails every day.  I am blessed to be able to do work that I love, and deal with wonderful people all over the country, but being extremely busy and not being perfect, it can sometimes get challenging!

- Effective immediately (June 23, 2022) we are curtailing all international shipments. The myriad of conflicting rules, the problems in determinations, the arguments, the "he said, she said", the time spent chasing down the answers, are not worth the small amount of business we get from outside the USA. Our apologies. We can still work through licensed exporters, but the cost may be prohibitive for small-ticket items.


And since somebody needs to say it....


- We are a small business, operating in an unpleasantly impatient world.  We provide quality products at realistic prices, but time is involved.

- Things can run out of stock.  Sometimes there are unforeseen "runs" on products, then we have to get them scheduled back into the queue.

- Our products are made here in this country, in one location.  A machine problem, a power outage, an illness, may affect product availability.

- We are not buy-it-now, next day delivery, where's-my-tracking-number, and "Why don't you have this product you never made?"

- Family and even friends come before business.  That idea may not play well in this age, but it's true and it needs to remain true.

- We have lives beyond work.  There are birthday parties, funerals, appointments, daily boredom and sometimes unexpected crisis situations.

- All of the above, comes down to this.  We do what we can, as much as we can, when we can.  That may not make everyone happy, sorry.


NEW - Miscellaneous product/workload updates... of June 23, 2022...


NOTE - the old land-line phone number - not recently even published here, has been discontinued. Email is the best contact!


"Clickless" Unertl-style rings are now available!

Fraser actions currently on order, are somewhat delayed because of the need to make 2 significant parts - the receivers themselves and the trigger guards. T-guards are 60% through the process. 

Fraser receivers are still out for their second wire EDM work. That shop is STILL telling me 2-3 weeks until I get them back.

The Rook model Fraser action is back on active status. I do not have a predicted availability date yet though. Will try to put pictures on the Rook page as I get a chance.


Scope Blocks

Check out our extensive selection of scope blocks. Over 1500 blocks in stock!

Other Scope and Sight  Mounts Offset scope mounts, rails for your European target rifle, miscellaneous doodads and parts, etc.
Scope Accessories       

Scope caps, sunshades, and now scope rings!

Redfield Parts Redfield 3200 scope rings, Olympic sight mounts, replacement screws, etc.
British Fraser  

Replicas of the British Fraser rifle actions.

July 2020 - now accepting orders for LEFT-HAND Fraser actions.

Rook Fraser Replicas of the British Rook-size Fraser rifle actions.

February 2022 - This action is NOT YET AVAILABLE but is being worked on, really!

Wesson Long Range Replicas of the Frank Wesson #1 Long-Range rifle actions.
Wesson Mid Range Replicas of the Frank Wesson "Midrange & Sporting" actions.
Assorted Things Things not easily categorized...
Shop Pictures A few new shop pictures...