Fraser Rifle Action


Photos by Glenn Fewless




The Fraser rifles were originally made in the 1880's, by Daniel M. Fraser of Edinburg, Scotland.  Chamberings were largely .303 British, but they were also made for .450-3-1/4", .450-400, .500-3", .500/450 Express, and similar.  Probably less than 500 of these rifles were produced, and of course far fewer actually made it to the USA.  The originals are considered to be of high quality and robust enough to handle smokeless pressures.

This action has a vertical motion falling block with an internal hammer. The lever drops the breechblock to the load position, simultaneously cocking the hammer, then further downward movement activates the extractor.  Both the sear engagement and the sear pressure are individually adjustable.  The trigger pull can be easily set to a clean 2-3 lbs.

The receiver, lever, upper tang and trigger plate are machined from solid 8620 steel. The breechblock opening and the lever links are EDM wirecut.  The various screws are machined from 1045 medium carbon steel, which can be heat-treated to reasonable strength without danger of brittleness.  The hammer and sear are already hardened, and the springs are electropolished.  The breechblock, mainspring hanger, trigger and safety parts are made from pre-hardened 4140.

The stock bolt, firing pin bushing tool, and sear pin removal tool are provided with the action.

Actions will be in the white only. External parts will be hand-polished to a 400-grit finish, but final polishing, and any heat-treating or bluing, will be the responsibility of the customer.


Price: $2495.00  Call or email for current delivery times.


Left-handers look here -

As of April 2014, I have had several requests for a left-handed Fraser action.  This can certainly be done, but there is a catch.  It would require making left-handed fixturing for most of the receiver's internal components, in addition to the lever itself.  And this would require a corresponding price increase (sorry guys!), and a commitment from enough people to make it worthwhile, so that the price change would not be too formidable on an individual basis.  So if I can get 10 people to commit to buying a left-handed Fraser action, at the increased price of $3495.00, then I can do it.  This would also require a deposit of $1500, which would not be refunded unless I could not deliver.  So let me know.  Please do not send any funds at this time, but I will keep a tally of interested parties, and probably post the count here so we can see what the level of interest is.