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Steve Earle Products, Inc.




A thought for the moment...

I first heard that "Big Business" that we love to knock, actually employs a lot of people.

Then I heard that's only right-wing propaganda - that they really have no employees at all.




Stock status misc. - late August 2020 -

'03 blocks in color-cased, standard height are a few weeks out.

Unertl-type scope rings were briefly in stock, until I filled backorders and ran out of parts again.

Redfield 3200 rings need more parts made again.

Ballard roller-tip mainsprings and checkering handles are back in stock.





Effective February 2019, for all retail sales, please contact Jenny... or phone 774-442-0809



I will continue to handle technical, application, or wholesale-related questions at



Rook Fraser update    January 2020

There continues to be a lot of interest in this little action.

After I play post-move catch-up, this will be revived.




Rook Fraser breechblocks (beginnings) and links 01/08/18.




New Products

3/4" scope rings in both black and "silver" (see at "scope accessories" page)

Lyman sunshades, Lyman scope caps for STS, JTS and TS

Stainless steel and brass gripcaps, as well as a smaller size version (see at "assorted things" page)





Some notes on business practices...



- Email contact only - that's why a phone number is no longer shown.

- I do not perform gunsmithing-type work or have open-to-the-public hours.

- On-line ordering is not provided here.  Contact Jenny for retail sales. or 774-442-0809.

- For any email correspondence - when replying, please include the previous communications.

- I do not necessarily get to answer emails every day.  I am blessed to be able to do work that I love, and deal with wonderful people all over the country, but being extremely busy and not being perfect, it can sometimes get challenging!

- Regarding international mailing (updated July 2020).  The mailing rules vary from one country to another.  Some items which may be acceptable to one destination, will not be accepted for mailing to another place.  Please note that we will NOT mismark, misrepresent or undervalue what we are shipping, with the intent of circumventing mailing restrictions.  Canada, France, Sweden, N.Z. and Australia appear to be acceptable destinations for sights and components.  Currently the USPS will NOT accept any "parts or components of arms" for mailing to Austria, Germany, Italy, or any part of the U.K.






Scope Blocks

Check out our extensive selection of scope blocks. Over 1500 blocks in stock!


Sept. 2018 - Somewhat regretfully, I can no longer accept ANY special block orders.

                  Keeping standard items in stock keeps me busy enough!

Other Scope and Sight  Mounts Offset scope mounts, rails for your European target rifle, miscellaneous doodads and parts, etc.
Scope Accessories       

Scope caps, sunshades, and now scope rings!

Redfield Parts Redfield 3200 scope rings, Olympic sight mounts, replacement screws, etc.
British Fraser  


Replicas of the British Fraser rifle actions.

July 2020 - now accepting orders for LEFT-HAND Fraser actions.

Wesson Long Range Replicas of the Frank Wesson #1 Long-Range rifle actions.
Wesson Mid Range Replicas of the Frank Wesson "Midrange & Sporting" actions.
Assorted Things Things not easily categorized...
Shop Pictures A few new shop pictures...