Rook Fraser Rifle Action

I have relatively little information on the "rook model" Fraser rifles.  More research needs to be done!

Obviously very similar to the full-size Fraser, but there are some internal mechanism differences.  The side actuating lever does not have its own latch - rather, the breechblock incorporates a spring which holds the action closed when the breechblock is up.  The particular action I worked from also has an intricate 2-stage trigger and hammer-blocking safety mechanism.

The barrel shank of this action is only 3/4" thread diameter, so small cartridges are in order.  If you have to ask, "How big a cartridge will it take?", then this action may not be for you!

Both centerfire and 22LR rimfire breechblocks are planned.

Right now (March 2022) I am actively working on this action again. The hammers are done, and the trigger guard/floorplates are about 70% complete. Firing pins are done, and assorted springs are in process.

The price has not been established either.  Although smaller (thus saving both material and cutting times), the added complexity may negate any savings there.  Expect a number in the vicinity of the full-size Fraser action price.