Mount screws are included in all block prices.

Scope blocks are available in many configurations and heights.  The list below shows the more common, in-stock items.

Blocks are unhardened, black-oxide finished, and usable interchangeably for either round or octagonal barrels, unless otherwise specified. 

Hole spacing is .560" front and .860" rear, unless noted.

Prices are for individual blocks, except for Springfield and Mann-Neidner blocks which are priced as a set.



On-line ordering of scope blocks could be problematic due to the vast range available.  There are no "buy-it-now" buttons here!


Please note that this product line is all directed towards the 60 dovetail, external-adjustment type of scopes (including Redfield 3200).

We do not carry any products for the "modern" Weaver or Picatinny sort of mounts.


We are not familiar with every possible combination of obscure rifles and sights or scopes being mounted on them.

When we have information that we believe is correct, we're glad to pass it along.  If we don't know, we'll just say so!

There are a lot of shooters and shooting forums where the information you are seeking may (or may not!) be found.

Many less-common scopes, sights, and rifles are out there.  These may need mounts which constitute "specials", which we cannot take on at this time (2019).

If time permits (meaning not right away), we'd like to compile a list giving known rifle/block information, and post it here.

We have many old Unertl and Lyman mount charts for reference - including info that is confusing, contradictory, out-of-date, or just plain wrong!


Additional technical scope block information...

We certainly do not claim to know everything in this field, but with experience, many trends have become visible.  With that said, the following information is provided, but is open for correction or rebuttal!

Scope blocks are also called scope bases.  "Base" seems to be the older term.  Avoid using the word "mount" when talking about scopes!  That can be either the base or the scope ring, and this causes confusion.  (A sight "mount" is correct terminology, but note that it is not a scope mount.)

Traditional scope blocks often seem to be described as either "3/8 inch wide" or "1/2 inch wide."  In fact they are neither, although 1/2" is close.  Original Unertl dovetails (the scope rings, not the blocks) generally measure .494" to a theoretical sharp corner.  This matches the older Winchester A5 scope mount dimensions.  MVA has told us that they cut their mounts to .484" to a sharp corner, which is slightly smaller.  It's a theoretical number because due to tip wear of the cutter, or even the wire EDM radius (if cut that way), a perfectly sharp inside corner on the mount is almost never achieved.  Thus if the block has a perfectly sharp corner, it is not a good situation - it would hang up on that small non-sharp inside corner of the mount.  Additionally, because these "corners" may not actually exist (either in the mount or on the block), measuring an existing part by going across the corners may not give a truly useful dimension.

The solution for these issues is two things.  First, the scope block width must be slightly narrower than the mount that it's intended to fit.  And second, the sharp corner of the block should be knocked off.  The standard blocks we make are targeted to .482" across the sharp corner.  But the actual top width will be .465", which gives an intentional small flat, allowing for non-sharp-cornered mounts or even dirt in the corners.  It also makes the edge must less susceptible to damage.

Hole spacings for scope blocks are mostly standardized (although slightly odd) dimensions.  Since about 1920 or so, they seem to have been set at .560" front and .860" rear, with holes tapped 6-48.  Sometimes the .560" is .562" - I have old charts which show both.  Realistically that .002" difference is not significant.  There are numerous exceptions to these rules, however.  Older original Stevens rifles (pre-Model 414 rifles) were often drilled at .700" front and .825" rear, with 5-40 holes.  I have encountered a handful of rifles where the rear holes are spaced .875" (7/8") rather than .860".  (In fact, a tape-measure examination of .860"-spaced holes may make you think they are spaced at 7/8", which is only rarely true.)  Sometimes rifles have been drilled for Weaver-type mounts, and then the holes may be spaced either .500" or .504".  Remington 40X and 700-series rifles have a spacing on the rear ring of .600".  Remington 513T factory holes are not 6-48; they are 6-44's.  Kimber 82G has a front sight (at the muzzle) hole spacing of .500".

A common but understandable misconception exists about how scope blocks are made.  Or more specifically, how we make them here.  We do not have or make "lengths" of dovetail-shaped stock, from which we cut off the necessary pieces.  Consequently we cannot offer any particular "length" of scope block stock.

Thanks for reading!



Standard mounts vs. Posa mounts - how to tell the difference...

The mount and blocks on the left of the picture are standard Unertl mounts.


    - The mount is not split - it's solid all the way around.

    - The clamping thumbnut has a cup-shaped end, and is of one diameter.

    - The clamping nut pushes against one side of the block.

    - The block has a shallow crescent cut (also called a thumbnail or smiley cut).




The parts to the right are the Unertl "Posa" style.


    - The mount is split or saw-cut through and squeezes onto the block.

    - The thumbnut is square-ended and has two different diameters.

    - The nut pulls the mount together and does not and should not bottom out in the locking cut.

    - The block has a much deeper square-bottomed cut.


Redfield 3200 scopes can use a standard block for the rimfire mount, but require a

Posa-type block for the "big-bore" mount.  The only difference is the clamp screw itself.









Standard blocks are available in heights of 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1".  The base has a slight concavity which allows them to mount on either a round or an octagonal barrel.  Heights are measured from a flat surface.  They will sit .005" to .018" lower on a round barrel.  They have the Lyman/Unertl crescent on one side and the Winchester dimple on the other.


Price: $20.00 each; 5/8" and taller $23.00 each



Flat-bottom blocks are specifically for mounting on an octagonal barrel.  They may "rock" on old draw-filed barrels; in that case, use the standard blocks (above).  Heights available are: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8". 


Price: $20.00 each



Posa blocks are for use with Unertl Posa-mount rings.  They are available either Posa/Lyman combination or Posa only (limited supply). They can also be used with the Redfield 3200 "big bore" rings.  Heights available are: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4".  Available color-cased also.


Price: $20.00 each black, $24.00 each color-cased.

5/8" and 3/4" high are $23.00 each - black only.



Color-cased blocks are available in several configurations, including standard, Posa/Lyman and flat-bottom.  Heights available are: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8".  Flat-bottom are 3/16" height only.


Price: $24.00 each


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel blocks are available either in standard or Posa/Lyman configurations.  Heights available are: 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16". 


Price: $26.00 each; stainless screws are $2.00 each



Blocks for Fecker mounts are slightly narrower than standard.  (Lyman and Unertl scopes will fit Fecker blocks, but Fecker scopes may not fit standard blocks).  Heights available are: 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16". 


Price: $20.00 each 

1903 Springfield


These blocks duplicate the blocks provided on 1903 Springfield rifles.  Also available in Posa configuration.  Either color-cased or black finish. 


Also on hand - heights that are .100 or .200 taller than the standard.  This allows for low-height scopes such as the Lyman to clear the bolt handle.


Note - a lot of questions have arisen about using "Springfield" blocks or Unertl O & E blocks.  Functionally they are identical.  My understanding (and I am NOT an '03 expert) is that the "Springfield" blocks are the style that would have been provided by the armory, and that the O & E (Unertl-made) is what Unertl would have provided with their scopes if intended for an '03 rifle.  I have seen O & E marked blocks both square-ended, or somewhat rounded, like the "Springfield" ones.  Adding to the confusion, the opinions about whether color-cased or black finish is correct, and for exactly what era, seem to be all over the map.


Price: $50.00 per set



These blocks are specifically for Stevens scopes.  They have the original-style V-shaped locking groove, and are available with either Stevens holes (for 5-40 screws, .700" and .825" spacing) or with standard holes.   They are also available flat-bottomed.  Heights are 3/16" and 1/4".


Price: $20.00 each 

-70 series


These are the front blocks used on the Winchester Model 70 target rifles, with the 1.750" hole spacing.  Heights are as follows... A-70 - .170";  B-70 - .230";  C-70 - .315";  LC-70 - .370".

Also available in Posa configuration.


Price: $24.00 each

Mann-Neidner blocks


Tapered blocks for Mann-Neidner mounts, intended to tighten on recoil.  They are specifically for use on '03 Springfield rifles.


New for 2016 - color-cased finish.


Price: $60.00 per set

Mann-Neidner scope ring base blanks


Tapered dovetail blank bases, for making your own Mann-Neidner scope rings.  They have been left about 1/4" longer than finished length, so they can be matched to the tapered blocks being used and cut to length appropriately.  In the white only.  Limited quantities.


Price: $45.00 per set

Cross-dovetail blocks


Meant to go into a standard 3/8" x 60 barrel dovetail.  The lower ones are either 3/16" or 1/4" high.  The higher ones are duplicates of the Unertl BK, K and KK blocks - .365", .420", and .470" respectively.  Provided with the brass set screw.  I have some that are intentionally .005" larger, to be filed to fit.


Price: $28.00 each

Vaver blocks etc.


These blocks are for Vaver front sights.  They are available either for the sights with the little pointy clamp screw, or for the ones that use the side clamp ring.  Heights are .100" or 3/16".  The .100" high blocks require special low-head screws.  The clamp rings are also available.


Blocks - $20.00 each

Screws - $1.50 each

Clamp ring - $5.00



We have many blank, undrilled blocks on hand, already black finished.   Heights available are 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8".


Price: $20.00 each - note they include screws even though undrilled



Screws are available for all block heights.  Standard thread is 6-48.  Stevens screws are 5-40.  But don't worry if your rifle has yet different tapped holes - I currently have screws in sizes of 5-48, 6-32, 6-40, 6-44, 8-36, 8-40, 10-32 and 10-36.  We should be able to find it there!


Price: $1.50 each; Stainless $2.00 each

6-48 Taps


Set of taps (plug and bottoming) for standard 6-48 scope block mount holes.  These taps are HSS, made in USA specifically for Steve Earle Products.  Sold as the set of 2 only.


Price: $52.00 per set


(Note MSC's price for these taps is $45 each.)